Who's Who

CityLife Community Projects (CLCP) is run by four directors who have a desire to see local communities in Reading and abroad served in various ways.

Our four directors are -

Neville Hollands - Neville is our Chairman. He is married to Jackie and has three grown up children. He is pastor of a local church and also a Manchester United supporter! Neville has had opportunity to see first hand a number of the projects CLCP support.

Jackie Jackson - originally from the North East, Jackie has have lived in Reading for 35 years. During that time she has brought up 3 children, been a foster carer for reading Borough Council and has worked for a number of local charities supporting families, women experiencing domestic abuse and young parents.

Marion Shepherd - Marion is our Administrator. She is married to Trev and she has lived in Reading for over 20 years. Marion is self employed finance administrator for local churches, charities and small businesses.
Rob Stroud - Rob is a successful local business man having built up a building and development company. He lives in Bucklebury with his wife, Stella.